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Buying a real tree strengthens the American economy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a real tree instead of an artificial tree?

1. Buying a real tree strengthens the American economy: Nearly every artificial tree is manufactured on foreign soil. Locally grown trees are 100% American.

2. Real trees are more environmentally friendly than fake trees: Real trees breakdown and disintegrate when they are discarded while artificial trees do not. When a real tree is cut down more trees are planted to replace it. Fields of trees support wildlife that developed or farmed land could not sustain.

3. Real trees are very fire resistant: A well-cared for Christmas tree sits in a container of water which hydrates the tree. Experienced campers know how difficult it is to burn fresh, moist wood.

How much do these trees cost?

Up to 10 feet, pines cost $40, spruces are $60, and firs cost $70.

I'm physically unable to cut down a tree. Will someone help me?

You bet! We'll be happy to assist in any way; whether that's guiding you to certain types of trees, cutting it down, or securing it to your vehicle.

Besides appearance, what are the differences between the types of trees?

The fir trees tend to last the longest, followed by the pines, and then the spruces. An adequately watered Fraser Fir will commonly hold it's needles for six weeks, while a spruce may only hold it's needles for four weeks. The fir trees and pines are softer to the touch while the spruces are more prickly. One advantage of a prickly tree, such as the Blue Spruce, is that it will dissuade pets from wreaking havoc.

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