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Family owned and operated since 1986.

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About Wintergreen Tree Farm

The Wintergreen Tree Farm has been in operation since 1986. Bob Stehli and family meticulously cultivate their blueberry bushes all year so they will be healthy and delicious. As one of the nearest pick-your-own blueberry farms to Cleveland, Akron, or Youngstown, the farm has been visited by thousands of northeast Ohioans. Most who come for the first time find they now have a new summer tradition.

Visitors to the farm should expect to find acres of ripe, prime-for-picking blueberries.

In addition to the blueberry farms the Stehli family also owns and operates pick-your-own chestnuts and cut-your-own Christmas tree farms.

Wintergreen Tree Farm
Allyn Rd. Hiram, OH 44234 - (330) 221-3835